Life in Kosovo interviews Majlinda Kelmendi

Life in Kosovo interviews Majlinda Kelmendi Watch video

May 10, 2012 22:46h  - 


  • As part of a special edition presenting people who are an example of how to work hard and be successful in Kosovo, this Thursday’s “Life in Kosovo” presents the work of a world class judo athlete Majlinda Kelmendi.
  • Why have foreign media promoted Majlinda Kelmendi much more than media in Kosovo? What are the challenges facing Kelmendi in her preparations for the Olympic Games?

    Why was Kelmendi very close to accepting an offer worth thousands of euros from Azerbaijan to compete for that country? 

    What has the state of Kosovo done for Majlinda? What is the dream of Coach Driton Kuka, who made Majlinda one of the world’s to sportswomen?

    During the show and additional four international reports will be broadcast which illustrate Majlinda’s success. The debate is followed by questions from the audience.

    “Life in Kosovo”, every Thursday at 8.20pm, and rerun the following day at noon.


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